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„No available releases found” – Drupal error fix

Just figured out how to fix the "No available releases found" in Drupal 7.5x. It's that error on the updates page where all or almost all modules are grayed out with an exclamation mark. After reading countless posts related to...

Drupal throws 404 error after sharing a link on Facebook [Solved]

I had a strange error today. Lukily, a friend of mine warned me about it. I could hardly be aware of it without his help. (Thanks, Iosif!) So...Why does Drupal 7 throws 404 error (Page not found)?There could be...

Magento error fix: „Cannot retrieve payment method instance”

Thinking about upgrading and optimizing Magento? Think again if you have plenty of extensions installed and later on, you want to get rid of some of them, especially when they are payment methods. I don't know if it's Magento's fault or some extensions are poorly written, but believe me, some errors can drive you nuts when you don't know where to start debugging.

Fix for error: malformed header from script. Bad header= – PHP 5.4

If your webserver throws a HTML 500 error and Apache error_log file shows "malformed header from script. Bad header=<br />", then you probably have a misconfigured php.ini file in your website root directory. Mine had a magic_quotes_cpg=On. I commented...

Fix for „Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_check_memory_limit()”

After a Drupal upgrade, I got this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_check_memory_limit() in full_path/modules/system/system.install on line 206.This is mainly because the update was incomplete. You should update includes directory as well, after updating the core module files.However,...
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Cineva îl iubește pe tati

Cineva îl iubește pe tati
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