How can you spend $35 the most profitable way?

Today I came across a nice topic on Quora, where Leonard Kim, Corporate Strategist. Marketer gives the following answer, which I think it’s the best one.

1. Go to Google.  Type in Godaddy.  Click on the 99 cent ad.  Buy a web domain for 99 cents.  

2. Go to One Dollar Hosting.  Sign up for 12 months for $12.  


You’re at $13 now. 

3. Go to  Find someone to design a logo for you for $5.

4.  Design a website on wordpress.  

5.  Host the website.    

6.  Figure out what you want to sell.  Work out a strategic partnership.

7.  Set up a paypal account.  Integrate a shopping cart onto your site.

8.  Utilize social media to your site.

9.  Start blogging.  

(Disclaimer: Your site will be really slow, but at least you’ll have a site.)

You have what, $17 left?  Go buy a pizza.  Or upgrade your hosting plan as the traffic permits.

If I were Mr. Kim, I couldn’t give a better answer!


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