- fugiti tare cand auziti numele asta

Daca vreodata v-ati gandit sa va gazduiti site-ul la Hostmama, mai ganditi-va o data. Pretul mic al serviciilor oferite vine cu un cost mare; mult prea mare!

Eu am luat de la ei un pachet Cloud Hosting (CLOUD4) la pretul de 60 euro / luna + licenta cPanel, la inca 12 euro / luna. Total: 72 euro. Ei nu percep TVA, ceea ce e OK pentru mine, ca neplatitor de TVA.

New workplace!

Plus TV Suceava

I'm so excited now that I got a job, something I enjoy doing so much!

Plus TV station, in my hometown almost hired me as a TV camera operator. Almost, because now I'm in sort of a trial.

Now I can say I'm happy to combine work and pleasure.

Fix for "Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_check_memory_limit()"

After a Drupal upgrade, I got this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_check_memory_limit() in full_path/modules/system/system.install on line 206.

This is mainly because the update was incomplete. You should update includes directory as well, after updating the core module files.

What CMS are you using?

Disable Spell Checker in CKeditor 3.3.1 (Drupal)

CKeditor interface

Have you ever wanted to completely disable spell check function in CKeditor?

Well, after searching few hours for a solution, I ended up modifying the main plugin file, ckeditor.js, located in the CKeditor root folder (in my case, sites/all/libraries/ckeditor).

By default, this file is minified. If you try to beautify it, it might not work at all, so leave it minified.

Now, look after this string:

Bun venit... din nou

Intrucat am renuntat la gazduirea site-ului la Hostgator (din cauza unor neintelegeri si a reactiei intarziate la mailurile catre echipa de suport tehnic), am decis sa mut domeniul pe un server VDS pe care mai tin si alte cateva site-uri.

Totodata, am pierdut si vechiul site, facut pe nucleu de Joomla 1.5 si am ales pentru noul site framework-ul Drupal.


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