Why Amazon should hire a designer with tech skills

On one of my websites I'm using was using a "set and forget" banner from Amazon. Very comfortable I'd say, but that hurt my traffic a lot during a month time.

It's already well known that a low (read "not green") Google Pagespeed ranking does hurt a lot a website ranking in Google search results. 

By publishing a really bad (not optimized at all) image from Amazon, my website's rank went from the green/safe area down to orange. For those who love numbers, it went down from ~90 to 76. By the way, most of other bad optimized resources come from the Google panoply (adsense & analytics), but that's another story.

I'll show you how removing a bad optimized Amazon ad image turned back the green. The images are speechless.

Amazon advert very bad optimized

Please note, the original image is 234 KB. The above image (which also includes the original image 1:1 scaled) is only 27.4 KB and the quality loss is very subtle.

Amazon ad image hurting Google Pagespeed ranking

Apart from other images not so well optimized, the Amazon ad is insanely big, which lead to quick mobile users bills' inflation.

Amazon ad image removed, Pagespeed status went back to green

By removing the Amazon ad from website, the status went up back to green.

My advice for Amazon

Do yourself a huge favor and hire some designers who know a little bit about websites optimization. It's unacceptable these days, when mobile traffic exceeds desktop computers traffic, to afford such luxury to ignore optimization of every single bit of information. 

I won't say more. Others have said it before and better, but please, don't ignore this critical aspect I've proven here.

Do you use Amazon ads or create your own creatives? Or perhaps you rather use text ads? Please leave a comment below.

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