How to use Jpegoptim recursively

Jpegoptim is a Linux software that does what the name suggests: is does optimize jpg images. It is one of the two recommended software for Google Pagespeed optimization.

As this software doesn't have a recursion parameter, we use a trick to parse all the subdirectories where we have jpeg images to be optimized.

The command uses find:

find -type f -name "*.jpg" -exec jpegoptim --strip-all {} \;

Now be patient and wait until it does the job. You will probably be surprised how much it can reduce the size of some images (up to 40% for some thumbnails!).

Read about how to optimize PNG and GIF files with OptiPNG.

If you know a better aproach into using this cool software, please leave a comment below.

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Don't forget those files that end with .jpeg! :)

Yeah, very seldom used, but thanks for reminding!

You need to put a directory to search, ie
find . -type f //etc

The . will start in the current directory.

thanks, for the tutorial :)

@walk i just changed it to "*.jp*g" :)



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